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Armadillo Tractor, Inc. Refurbishment Program

We try to provide a service to our customers that is of  peerless quality, in everything we do so .. ...so our refurbish program entails much more than a simple paint job.

For those who have machines that still have excellent value left and or need repair, we have the ability to make them like they were when you purchased them....or better!

We can tailor our work to your specifications.....from a simple track job, to a full component rebuild with a quality paint job and anything in between. Plus, with our years of expertise, we can advise you on what is truly needed and what is not. We can do this within your budget and much quicker than your local dealer.

The following are highlights;

1.  complete freight services, pick up/delivery, load out

2.  pressure wash cleaning, and sheet metal repair ...when needed

3.  Component Re-Built or Replacement ..as needed

4.  Fresh PM Service... as needed

3.  Sand Blasting or Hand sanding when dealing with plastic surfaces or delicate areas

4.  Complete tape and prep prior to painting, including hydraulic  hoses, wires, ect

5.  Quality OEM paint applied professionally.......NOT YOUR AUCTION JOB!

6.  Proper safety  and standard decal placement

7.  Operational check list for proper functionality of the unit

8.  Complete set of quality jpeg images

9.  Secure yard for storage

10.A qualified salesperson  is available to sell or rent the equipment on consignment if needed

....Contact Mark, and let us "Pimp your Ride"!

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