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Our compactor Services

We work with leading manufacturers to provide a full range of static compactors, portable compactors and balers along with a wide array of services ranging from refurbishment to sales our aim is to provide you swift and professional compactors services of the highest standard to meet your needs.

Service & Repair

Whatever you requirements be it a one off repair, or an annual service agreement, we believe we can provide the level.

Whatever you requirements be it a one off repair, or an annual service agreement, we believe we can provide the level of service to meet your demands. Our typical service costs are significantly cheaper than our competitors. Supported by a network of local suppliers and with the backing of several manufacturer’s we can identify faults and carry out the repairs in the best time possible.

We have our own team of mechanics to provide on-site maintenance and repairs, that provide the highest standard of service. We also have a fully equipped work shop capable of carrying out off-site repairs, or major refurbishments to your equipment.

Sales & Sourcing

Armadillo Tractor can provide a full range of soil, asphalt, and trash compactors, either for sale or rental on fully flexible terms.

We work with leading manufacturers to provide new or refurbished on fully flexible terms. Even if you are currently supplied with equipment either included in your waste disposal agreement or through a third party we are We are confident that we won’t be beaten on price.


If your own compactor is old and unreliable we may be able to refurbish it for a fraction of the cost of a replacement.

At Armadillo Tractor we offer a range of refurbishment options for your compactors. We can assess your requirements and put together a tailor-made package to meet your needs. This is a very cost effective option compared to the purchase of a new machine.

We can carry out a range of services from the basic simple clean, rust treatment and respray to a more in depth refurbishment involving a complete strip down to a bare shell and then reinforce all steel work, shot blast and respray before rebuilding with new parts up to current legislation. In doing so we can turn a poor piece of equipment back into a compactor with many more years of reliable use.

Asphalt Roller Compactor

What is a compactor?

A compactor is a machine or mechanism used to reduce the size of material such as waste material, asphalt, or soil through compaction. Compactors, also refered to as; rollers, used to compact soil or material in road building. Most compactors have a vibratory fuction to aid in the compaction quality. There are many different configurations of this machine; single drum, double drum, smooth drum, padfoot or sheepsfoot drum, as well as pnematic for asphalt road finishing. Also chopper drum for landfill applications.

Normally powered by hydraulics, compactors take many shapes and sizes. In landfill sites for example, a large tractor (typically a converted front end loader with some variant of a bulldozer blade attached) with spiked steel wheels called a landfill compactor is used to drive over waste deposited by waste collection vehicles (WCVs).

WCVs themselves incorporate a compacting mechanism which is used to increase the payload of the vehicle and reduce the number of times it has to empty. This usually takes the form of hydraulically powered sliding plates which sweep out the collection hopper and compress the material into what has already been loaded.

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