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Our Shipping Services

Moving heavy equipment, large machinery or parts can be difficult if you’re not familiar with the transportation industry. Heavy equipment often weighs several tons and sometimes just finding a unit capable of moving a large machine like an excavator or bulldozer can be difficult in itself.  At Armadillo Tractor, we have the tools to transport your heavy equipment and machinery, and the reason we are a go to partner for a number of organizations and individuals across North America. We know what it takes to move every machine, our experts have been doing it for decades.

For more information on heavy equipment trucking, consider whether you need a full trailer (FTL), part of a trailer (LTL) or if it will be oversize shipment. And for a fast, accurate analysis of your shipment, request a quote from our dispatch group. We handle all kinds of equipment and can meet all your needs and expectations.

We provide competitive pricing in both containerized shipping and RORO shipping services. We have excellent relationships with the top freight forwarders in the world. This allows us to send equipment as inexpensively as possible globally.

Safe & Secure

You benefit from our expertise and years of experience in the trucking industry. All of our loads are expertly loaded, secured and transported with safety in mind.

Fast Delivery

We work within your timelines. At any given moment, we can be prepared to send your equipment across Canada and the USA making pickups faster and easier than ever.

Informative support

Wondering about the progress of your shipment? Call us anytime and we'll assist you with updates on your shipments whereabouts and ETA.

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