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Our Trade-In Service

We also specialize in buying and selling of all types of construction, forestry, mining, trucks, trailers, oilfield and crane equipment. Should we not have it in our inventory, we will do our utmost to locate it for you at a price that will save you money. We pride ourselves in treating our past, present, and future customers with the utmost integrity and honesty and with a high standard of business ethics. Please contact our team at Armadillo Tractor for all your construction equipment requirements.

Trade With Us With Confidance!

Your business undergoes different seasons and cycles; you have to handle ever-changing challenges and at the same time, be ready to grab opportunities before your competition does. You deserve to work with a dealer with the financial muscle and the experience and flexibility to support you across the entire range.

Armadillo Tractor can customize solutions to meet a variety of situations. If you’re interested in an infusion of cash, talk to us about selling one of your machines. If you’re ready for a big change, consider selling us your entire fleet. Are you looking at acquiring new or different equipment in order to bid on a new project? We can make the venture less overwhelming by taking in trade your old equipment, your trucks or your engines. The point is – talk to us. We can create a plan that matches your current business and personal needs.

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